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About Us

E8Bits is one of the premier BPO Companies offering comprehensive web development services, eMagazine, intensive graphics designing and effective internet marketing solutions. We are specialized in helping all sizes of business and industries around the world. If you can no longer attend to such process of your business, you can outsource the web related aspects to us, thus letting you concentrate on improving your revenue.

E8Bits is highly capable outsource web development company in working with intricate website systems and innovative designing which other company cannot fulfil. Also, we are known to be the one stop solution by most business who want to increase branding, online exposure and grow sales. Online Marketing had so gone far now, it's a medium being used by most entrepreneurs and business who wants to target large scale of audience in different cities and countries.

Our Packages are suited for any type of business, from standard blog website to an ecommerce platform. Also, E8Bits incorporates on-page and off page SEO along with social media marketing. Today, people can see your products, services, company profile, contents and vision in just one click. Search engines are evolving and in order to be found you need to exert effort on marketing your business. Good thing E8Bits is here to help in achieving your business goals just outsource ecommerce website, website development, SEO and graphics designing to the leading internet marketing firm today - that’s us!


Our mission is to deliver competent, industry standard services to all business, enterprise and organization across the globe. It has been our objective to achieve the highest appraisal from our clients by providing them excellent services and support.


It is our vision to expand our services, develop competitive customer-based plans and discover new solutions that will make us the leading provider of web services and marketing solutions.

Our Services

Website Development

As one of the leading outsource web development company in the country, E8Bits offers superior services to business, organizations, enterprise, retail and consumer who wants to incorporate web technology to increase exposure and attracts customers online. During these days where, internet is the most prevalent tool to search information, look for places, navigate locations and buy items, every company and business should build a strong presence which can be the foundation of reaching potential customers. At E8Bits we have a highly qualified team of professional web developers with expertise on different programming platforms, ready to impart their knowledge on developing your exceptional and user-friendly website. With our resources and technologies, we are leveraging our capabilities to meet customer desired outcomes and we are pleased to deliver the most out of our proficiency.

Website Development
Graphic Design

Catchy and extraordinary design is the vital key you need in order to draw the user's attention to your website. It is important that images, videos and even the fonts convey your message to the site visitors. A creative web design and graphics along with ample relevant and useful information made up a website that’s worth referring to. If you want to create your own name in the industry you should know that unique and meaningful logo can help you stand out. It's essential for a website to have a logo because it is what makes the company or business recognizable. For outstanding website design, vision-inspired logo, brochure, eMagazine and catalogue designs, E8Bits is your best option! Outsource your web design now so we can show you what we’ve got.

Graphic Design

Our Website Development Process:

1. Discovery

We conduct researches to gather information about you, your competition and target market. Also, you can set up a meeting and feed us with the right details needed for the project phases. In this way, we can analyze your business, industry and scope to develop a user engaging website.

2. Strategy

We create a draft organizing every page of your website along with its functions and content. We will discuss the design and development stages on how we can be able to make your vision a reality.

3. Execution

We develop the pages of your website for optimum user experience. This includes using of all our resources, tools and technologies to come up with a pleasing website that will WOW your audience.

4. Q&A

We do not launch websites without running a test to detect bugs and system errors. Tests are made to each functionalities and aspects of the website.

5. Launching

Your website is ready to make its wave now, you can cheer as we make it live. This is just the start of your business online exposure; work hard to make it an established website in the web.

6. Advancement

E8Bits does not close its door to returning clients. You can always hire us if you want to make revisions or modification to your website. We can also help you reach your target market through our website SEO services.

Our web development solutions:

Small Business

A small sized business basically shows excellence in contrast with other and a concise website will sets it apart from others. A strong website provides higher value and fulfillment to your website.


An e-commerce platform is about giving pleasurable online shopping experience to consumers so that they will not look anywhere else. Simplified checkout and payment processes will give customers the easiness of shopping through your website.

Business to Business

It’s crucial that business websites are tailored for consumer needs too though business clients have different ways of purchasing.

Retail and Consumer

Close a new deal with your client through a striking website which grabs their attention; give mixed emotions and great user experience. In this way, they will support your branding which may eventually lead to partnership. Retails websites typically require for such aspect of the website in order to move ahead of their competitors.

Corporate Business

A corporate website now serves as the profile of your company. It includes all details about your company, its goals, products/services offered, future insights, sales statics and more. This will definitely be useful when you are dealing with potential clients, suppliers or investors since it includes genuine information about your work.


Education, shopping, ordering and business are all over in the internet today and even virtual offices too. We need to cope up with this change to grow and keep a strong pace.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our effective SEO Campaign can put all your targeted and relevant keywords on the search engine's first page. With the combine techniques of keyword research, competitor analysis, link building, guest blogging and various website submissions you can be popular to search engines. Also we can make your website appear on various directories like Yelp, Google Local Places, Bing Places for Business and Yahoo Business Listings. If you want to get better results and detailed analytics reporting avail of our web seo services now.

Social Media Optimization

Social media interaction is growing every day and you surely want to people to know your brand and offer to attract customers and clients. E8Bits can give the solutions right in the palm of your hand. We have social media specialist who can work on listing your website to social bookmarking websites and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Instagram. It’s important to have this social media buttons during the development of your site to allow people share your post easily. This job looks simple and anyone can do it but is actually time consuming that's why our internet marketers are lending their hand to help you in this process.

Blog Management

It’s ideal for most business and company to have a blog section on their website since this is the best way to let people know about their events, schedules, launching of products and success stories. This is also known to be an extension for Search Engine Optimization since Blog is regarded as an individual section of the website. In this way, managing a blog on your website allow search engine to index your unique and relevant contents without the need of a placement, hence saving you money and time. As a result, you can have sufficient time to spend managing other aspects of your business/company. E8Bits is a flexible BPO Company who can deal with your website from time to time. Our potent tools and high end solution can help us deliver analytics report in a timely manner.

Bulk Email Marketing

In order to expand the scope of your business by location, sending emails to potential customers from coast to coast can bring more sales. E8Bits is proud to introduce you Bulk Emailing Service, a full stack package that includes everything from creating emails, sending and tracking them one by one. This service lets you send customized emails to your clients/customers efficiently. Whether you need to send a proposal email offer to prospective investors or do a follow up emails to you loyal customers, our Bulk Email Marketing Service can do it all in the blink of an eye.

Our Graphic Design Process


Our experts are well-trained to ask vital questions in order for us to know how we'll represent your business or branding online. This will give us many clues on how you want to be known by everyone. We can get this through email messages or phone calls.


Once we have the project data collected, we can proceed with the planning and implementation stages for the initial design. E8Bits has different licensed software tailored for graphic designing.


We show customer the initial look of the website or known as mock-up design in high resolution so you can clearly visualize even the smallest details.


The initial design is utmost important because we can only proceed with programming once we get your approval with the design presented. We assure you that the images and objects will be as good as the initial design we show you.

Aside from outsourcing eMagazine development and logo design, E8Bits also offers you graphic services for various publications such as business card, tarpaulin, flyers, brochure, poster, banners and more.


Whether you are looking for high end website solutions or effective marketing campaigns, e8Bits can help you out. We offer you everything that goes over and beyond website development and internet marketing. There is so much to choose from when looking for services that can help you increase your online visibility, attract target customers and grow your revenue. We are using our tools and resources to the maximum extent in order to deliver client satisfaction at its finest. Let us help you narrow down your choices and do the job diligently! Call us today for free quotation.
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